The Simple Plant Isoquinolines


This book can work as a mud, if you have enreal enliving feet and hand’s you should be able to hold it up too a mirror and see the pages change, if you put it through a scanner or photocopier you will have a MUD (Multi-user Dungeon) to do with photosynthesis and plant based botany; in your area and be able to collect some plant with the combination of making things like psychedelic coffee, flour, tea etc.

There is a limit that is the plants you have access too; normally for this book you will only need a pot of boiling water as an electron particle ram; or a mortar for grinding powders.

Much like the way to find a transcription of TMZ (Lsd25) you have to hold the recipe in two mirrors to get a transcript otherwise the top instructions just makes your asphyxia itch..