I am really virial and have more kids


I am a sperm donor; and when I was last tested like I am now completely clean of any STD; in fact I am really viril with seamen that test’s as 27Kv high voltage sperm most men only test as around 4Kv. In fact I had cladmidia one point infected by a rapest Jodie Coleman but that like all those kind of things now have antibodies for and can’t catch again…

I do this donation at Fertility First in Hurstville; the shower reminds me and I can sometime feel the sponsor girl going through child birth; there is this sound that I get at count and the last count I had around 97 children right now.

Of course cryogenic store couldn’t be hard to refuse high voltage sperm and when Epiniki has breast surgery they got some overies as well which I asked hem to flag that requirement and we have around apparent 18 direct children on the way now.

Personally I think these people attempting to engineer a childless Cipherhouse look like zealot fools; as we have 20:1 out bred them with their potentially chip & gravy baby; where our kids as scientist prefer are mixed in a peetree dish and at over 5k a pop we know they will have more resources than we did as children as well as being feed and schooled.

My cum is still it pearly whites and I still like I know cause I don’t often stray from my partner’s elpiniki but I was binded with Alesha who also test as one of their mother; and I don’t share needles as well as always use a condom. So the people that say no elpiniki and simon have no children which is completely wrong we have some quite directly with each other and other people…