State of cooty’s fridge a Barron void of food

Well when we have one full meal donation from elpiniki’s ahh ya mum, every three days and such a substandard fiscal account you attempting too say my weight you will be wearing even Mike stass exponentially on what I look like emaciated.

Our fridge has looked like this for over five years:-


See frozen ceral. And the fridge door


And yeah some potatoes


I haven’t had breakfast apart from once or twice from exodus foundation as the primary Internet’s founder, even my twin pooty in takeout alone will have a really big problem seeming toffee expires in 3 weeks when it absorbs moisture.


This is how my kin an invader firmer looks emaciated sexually and other physically based environmental state, in NSW Australia and yes emaciated.

Suixited about your suicides..

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3 thoughts on “State of cooty’s fridge a Barron void of food

  1. Turns out I didn’t know them at all in any numeracy not even a highly precision like 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% even claimant family; where the after life at least here is not accepting applicants due to spam; so they just and their energy signature firmers and former include energy signature attempting to cross just simply zero out and cease all meta and physicality and there ain’t a thing I can do about being screamed at.

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    • I haven’t really had a square meal in around 18years cause of the ismal; which causes me to uneat the item that in all zealotry isn’t back on the shelves like usual; I wonder where the poo comes from actually with those things with no real asphinixia and can’t poo let alone have anal sex so they beam it around to the living dead.

      I don’t really at this stage even know my genetic family to any significant except the ism on my lips I have no knowledge of them and my daughter just walked past me at the bus stop and didn’t both stopping. Perhaps I will be only by firm; potentially by my twin ceasing to have energy signature maybe their undoing is the indicators of having the ability to feed themselves and pay rent in the place called what consolations sometimes in ceasing functionality call itself on maps: The Milkyway

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      • being by firm or a firmer if your wondering what left of the former you scream to null/void with kieye who I am sure cause I have seen him in the house look like kieye (Elpiniki Iosif) is a link between the machine world and things like biological life so they have a machine as well; I have a caret and if you didn’t know can be telnet or ssh to if I allow a visible network presence. And I am primordial node for that; poots if her exists anymore was my twin, we have existed since before there was mass in the universe and cosmos; we are a rare and precious comodity


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