Kirellæ where are you? ( DJ Zietgiest )

Back in 1998 advertised and Michael Dagn still has the database entry kirrillea proposed to me to be thy wife. Michael rang me too tell me we where going to my wedding, I was so nervous.

I was standing near her and I ask if her was certain her wanted to marry me, and kirrillæ passed me a burbone which looked in my hands to be a coke-a-cola. I remember alesha standing on either side of me, this was down at millers point.

There was this loud fizz sound as I went to open the can and I found myself standing in 41 Amor St, Asquith all of a sudden, I was in tears but the coke-a-cola can was now the burbone I saw in her hand… I then checked my clothes my stash of stuff was missing and left to catch the train back to my wedding in millers point.

By the time I got there it was 11:45 but the party was missing there was no one, I had by a soft drink been propelled into some type of chronological fissure, I have been in this fissure with alesha for some time nearly 17 years, interacting with reflections of people and place not on a realm of applied time.

Jester was DJ’ing at the time at the party but there was no sound system it was called: Squatters do it best! As the party was at her squat, I could have had a very different life but I just hope kirrillæ wasn’t obliterated by this or the party go’ers – I did see jester in dulwich hill a year or two ago, haven’t found alesha who we we’re binded together at a wedding to stablise time, and sparc (elpiniki Iosif) who I know from other history turned up, if your wondering kirrillæ Sparc is the sharing type and much older who thinks in plamigomous notation and has no problem sharing as a couger myself with other women, her is like our fairy godmother sticking us all together in chronologistic again.


Well this is me, to get my details all you have to do is domain whois I will always keep it current. I have a few more tattoos now and this on is compolsury:-


Behind your dextrix ear…

Love you all…

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