I quit having a habit a long time ago over a decaded!

I use to frequent dance parties quite a bit which in the peer group people ended up having a habit, mine was amphetamines and marijuana. Over a decade ago I took myself to rehab and have never since then redeveloped a habit; some weekend I might smoke some weed or descant a pipe; but I will never allow myself to enter that kind of life style again.

My last thing I have never managed to quit is tobacco; it is my own bane in many ways but after hanging out for other things once it is easy I find to go without!

If you have ever been told I am a dealer, I really never have been there was a period for about 7 months on the late nineties where I was living with some dealer, this was like a survey for me; but that the thing about the inner west you will never find anything truthful about the person especially myself unless you talk to them directly due to the rumour mill.