Sold the @USAGov + @number10gov debt to alien bounty hunters!

You know when I design the number and architectural structures of the internet as an 11yr old boy on comp.protocol, I didn’t expect the life i was going to live which was full of suffering and hatred for what I once glorified the IT Industry, to give you an idea I was supporting the tarrif against my house meant by the end of this year for the agreement close to and no more than 6 years after I am 30 meant to be paid 50c AUD for every single IPv4 as well as IPv6 and netbios designation that is a TLD.

I have not received a cent of this in fact this is how I came to be in touch with an Alien Bounty Hunter Tresiusa; who dialled me about purchasing this debt; who they have lesser than 4 weeks to make payment of:-

2 ^ 32 * 0.50$ + 2 ^128 * 0.50$ including all the TLD sold as well; or this debt is passing to some alien bounty hunter which are on there way here right now; seeming they have me on the comms and I know what that tick in the left or right ear means.

You Vint J. Cerf and Larry page after everything I have contacted you about and have no reply have 4 week exactly from this blog to have that whole debt paid into my personal accounts or I am going to let Tresiusa invade and slaughter and enslave which they will be told they are living out the rest of their lives thanks to google, iana & Icann and the western world governments; too all the people on these papal lands as I have not a single view of any splendour, I have never even really been out of Sydney with your entrapment. I have seen off world like my new home-world traxius-4 but never seen or hold any love for your dead-end earth.

That include all military services fee’s and standard award compensation rater.. The sad thing is the people involved in this crime they are linked-in to come to in just the IP Stack not the TLD as well as 1.701411835×10³⁸, where the money they are paid or guaranteed has never arrived or been even a small part of 10 with 38 zeros; as well as the sides they have chosen will insidiously mean they are wanted dead on the local intergalactic watch list.