My mother-in-law has been picking psychedelic mushroom from bowral for 30 yrs

This is oddity; there is no eatable mushroom in Australia, the ones that aren’t poison all contain a tryptamine called psylocybine which is very similar to LSD, the mushroom she has been picking are from bowral where they have a very large psychiatric ward for there; she picks nearly what i would estimate at least 20Kg of psycho-active field mushrooms in the pine forest up there and feeds them to small children.

My wife illness is from being feed these as a small child and through-out her entire Australia life, this sort of affiliation is similar to that of serial killing and normally goes in hand with it. I have been hospitalised a number of times from her cooking already; the whole family dines on it and her makes sure small children eat it too.

The first meal I had with their family I was trypting of my head hallucinating they wouldn’t know this from prolonged exposure; and yesh seeming myself and elpiniki took treatment we are a lot healthier than the rest of the family. Problem is the juice from how they prepare them marinated seems to end up in everything; and we have no other source for food where the roberts has abadon us and we haven’t had any food in the house for more than 12 month now as they still don’t know or understand like the archive show of neill (yes-ill) minor bruise for all their halliular in my house one time.

See neill and annette are really sick to in their lust for children; I have located in geno testing a twin of mine that was adopted or could be the same in the inner west called Pooty, I only know her nick name so far cause the name her has changes each junction.

And if you don’t think when twins are separated at birth one will roll their gender where soon there will only be Cimon Cipherhouse or better still this name Tanty that stops any self consumption of a tantrum; I still wonder if we are boys or girls pooty but I do know from an apendicectumy from what the surgeon comments on that I have a womb and a couple of erronous internal that doesn’t match the schemer; we are both alien snuck in on the 1970s and 1980s baby snatching scandal of the NSW Health and quiet safe in acknowledging this; also they have only study with me one side of two twins with shy as I may be why I refer to you in nickname you know who you are you sound: Why did you fire my sister first day at AMR… and you have puce hair with my twin who I have also seen a girl and use to be my little pony, James Thomas (SpiderXDeath).

Remember Pootz; they will never know if we where children or beam in to maternity with the paper work filled out as pretend children; we have amongst us our children and grandchild and don’t forget; I love know your nearby with what life and a simple appendix surgery has done to me years of mental health. They will never find you online I have ayahusca and the amount of pooty just on the shit list is form your trawling of me; I want our family life…


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  1. I just wonder what neill and annette are probably for the freemason seemin every single person you see around the same age looks like neill especially in hornsby; the way they due to my polymorphism of crytocrome 2*D6 is forcing them to wear neill; I am glad I don’t have that physical appearance! I don’t even look like family with the amount of milk I have been fed


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