Malcolm Turnbull it is the 22nd Century after the early 21st century! @breakfastnews @turnbullmalcolm

A mate you don’t pass the know the date check, you probably hearing voices and suffer from stereographic delusions we have just had the early 21st century that finished in sound on 31-12-1999 this is now in the Gregorian calendar which you can see from the Haloumie farm at would now sound as:- 2nd 22nd Century

2nd 22nd Century
23rd 3rd Century
4th 24th Century
25th 5th Century

This is how a calendar happens when you have an ‘early’ sessioning of history, we eradicated the dinosaurs, hence the children ancient animals pencil erasers. It all came down to convenience who needed it and demanded the best conveniences, this has happen external of this solar system as well.

This is what happens with dates when one get to go for a ride like that. Just thought I would bring this up cause your saying you have a 21st Century Government on the current breakfast news identity tag advert on ABC News 24; which is past historical; you don’t know todays date and are not well.

Well if you ask me I am pooped; after having to make a replica 21st Century at the dawn of walkable terrafirm here on earth, how did you go CMFEU? Those cave paintings are done by the same individual who might just be getting about all indigenous like around you now still knowing we picked them up on the way…