Prangga verse Gabba and maturity in sound + performances!

At the moment there is a disturbing trend in the doof scene which is the only dance community in (Seeming I did a take over in getting to what normally describes and omnipedic sound for an explosion back in 1997, but I got too it just a few days before the original scribe!) to play what is loud beats and constant screaming that sounds like children being thrown into meat processing while still alive to a cold raving luntic beat not the warm beats we have in the doof like a hot plate of food; something from ex. raving like gabba is inconstant and not our form, firm or inways.

There is a type of music called Prangga that is similar and it is called this as it causes accidents like car accidents and so on which is when you remix the sounds of porn online and just imagine how many accidents are waiting to happen just on or

See interpolating screaming is childish and poor form, it holds not any reflection of taste of style or threat but sexual sounds are always taken in a personal contextual basis and hap hazard problems for even the seasoned listener.

Often in most conditions it is not the scene or the subculture in it that has the accidents, sometimes it comes even as a train wreck but rarely in flight; it is the general commuters and pedestrians that have the ptang prang ~ accidents



4 thoughts on “Prangga verse Gabba and maturity in sound + performances!

  1. Well Keiye you really made a no name, no frills name for yourself, well they did say they wanted you to play screaming not what typal of screaming, they might not have know we are the auditors and entry staff and families for an encyclopedic grouping of sub-cultures..


    1. use to make the sounds, it is and always will have a clean drive shaft for mastering and comes with multitrackers more powerful than the windows at no charge, and keiye if your changing make and you might get a redirector eventually from


      1. See the problem for you keiye is you haven’t got a clue how I have your name, your lover tiff nickname who I am or when I was moving around in your inner circle.. spooky.. and you still owe me 500 bucks from not paying for that stuff you scored last time… and the sound system you sandwiched…


    2. Let you know something keiye nobody at the doof can hear gabba; it is even silent moving speakers to them; being myself and my twin an in our multifaceted OO representation an epiphany of pain apart from the military police that brought me in on their investigation of you and that sound system.. our food representation is toffee it transforms in the gippsland yogurt to carmel or sticky brittle… angel is Taffy which is one of Candice’s favorite, and involves a meat hook to make called pulling taffe,,


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