Corrections: I have no STI’s or AIDs

It has come to my attention that Neill Anthony Roberts + Annette Lee Roberts for quite a number of years have been telling people they caught AIDs off me, this is not the case, I have no STI’s or AIDs, in fact I have regular blood screens while donating gizm at Fertility First and apart from a self cure clamidia; which I have antibodies for I have never had an STI… I assume I caught this off Jodie Coleman.

In fact my wife is also a donor and we have a number of children ranging in the age of 0 – 7 at the moment, that we can’t wait to meet when they are 18 as per the requirements. Neill claims he caught it from needle stick while gardening and removing a bird of paradise which is not the case, AIDs remain active in a syringe only for a number of days, exposed to the elements for over a decade this would have no infection.

In fact his illness is from sticking his dick into a dirty trap, notability last time I was on the old side of Hornsby for a family outing he went to the extent to point out where the brothel was, which I had no idea at all there was one, in fact I don’t use these I have a couple of friends like Karen Leanne Des who works in this industry and they never hit me up for money as I am very well endowed; over 12″ x 2.75″.

The only thing that has infected Neill is the need is his requirement to find instant gratification in cheap thrills, and in fact I have a twin (Where I know Oopty still has our pathology test that shows we are identical twins from 1995 in the Inner West, that her filed in triplicate!) that he abducted me from as a baby as he and Annette are impotent. Did you know when a twin is asseverated at origin one will flip their gender until stabilises when they are identical and will flip back!

Annette has cystic fibrosis of the ovary which is an illness that carries from birth as an diaereses and Neill is impotent and has no child, they are part of the baby abduction canoodles of the 1970s + 1980s. I in fact remember as a small simulachild the apparent birth of Nathan will with a full head of hair and eye brows where Annette removed a fake pregnancy bonnet from under her blouse!


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