Letter to DJ Jester 2015 (Can Never Find Gesture’s Email Address)

To Gestures,

How are you mate? I just notice we are connected somewhere in our network, when I was extracting email addresses for http://fonts.syd.labs.coop what been happening? How was your stint in jail!! btw.. Oh I spoke with Tony Ollie Doof, who told me it was the girl that did the deed on that murder and he is willing to testify that, he is under “full-on feral” on my facestool. Started a cooperative called Chronolabs, perhaps you are interesting in playing a role in it?

Anyway, we are subject to a recommendation engine that searches things like outlook.com, gmail.com etc, and make recommendations in advertisement, I have complementary 1Gb email slots, 50 of to start with at snails.email you know we are subjective as you know and the recommendation engine is screwing with shit, so what I suggest is if we move you and angel etc onto snails.email, I have enough of my own email to read, so it is completely private separate from the recommendation engine!!

The other thing is windows drive shaft is filthy with pedo shit, you should use ubuntu.com it is what i do it has multi-track mixers and recorders and all that sort of stuff that cost nothing, which means the music is subject to generation under open licensing and creative commons, not pirated the company with the software owes that track… Windows drive shaft is what is causing all the fights, change to releases.ubuntu.com you will find instructions on-line how to load it, even has a version called touch you can load on your android dumb OS to a living live copy that is not as they term a DUMB os with the volume up down power button threw the Ubuntu…

If you can collect a list of excel spreed sheet of what people want for username@snails.email, their contact email and a password they want set and either put it in the mail to me, you can also have up to 5 forwarders which is an alias that makes the mail turn up in that inbox as well!!

Get in contact, not injecting anymore just glassy…. Well when snails.email runs out I will move into sub-domains like username@lettuce.snails.email 😉

I have a chat spot chat.labs.coop ~ you can have a passworded room if you want!! anyway, if anyone wants to have me reload their laptop I am in walking distance the door is really buried so is the phone but the address you will be able to hit is 10/466 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville South, NSW, 2204… Ubuntu is self written, her writes herself not a programmer… partly.. Does a lot more than windowz…

Might also want to set your router NTP (Time Protocol) to the IP Address listed on: http://au.syd.labs.coop/briefs/about-our-business/time-services-rss/6,1.html ~ comes via cern.ch I have a private tunnel with them for this purpose, good for metronome…

That is the translation of Jester in this simplified english say you make the email account gesture@snails.email you then make a forwarder that delivers to it like jester@snails.email 61343341151@snails.email etc… and give those out so people don’t have your actual login or email account so if you start getting spam although the engines for that are good you can drop and replace the forwarder…

please forward this to any forwarders you may… and other emails…

Care xxxxoxox



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  1. Once you have installed Ubuntu 15.10 goto the terminal and run the following to install all the 3d rendering, video suites, audio suites, the zeitgeist plug-ins etc and all the popularised titles:-

    $ sudo apt-get install tasksel
    $ sudo tasksel

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  2. I normally listen to hbr1.com or digitalgunfire.com gester… or something I find on life.labs.coop ~~ prefer living live radio and DJ’d trax’s you know that about me… shoutcast.com is also good.. only really have a few mp3 that I use subsonic from subsonic.org to play it is a streaming service media for home you can purchase it through donation I paid $5 for my license key it is choice!

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