Charles Xavier Windsor the word you are looking for is to “Succeed” to a “Succession” @BritishMonarchy

You know Charles even though the Dweeb has brought you to believe being the King of England is forthright the calling for you think about the advantage to immediately running with a Fresh New young face of England with Kate + William and son. I know the environment for you is affluent but you have the opportunity to alter the course of history ~ you like you know will always be able to grace William and Kate with any advice their youth enabled for will in due course require.

The dweeb is attempting to make investment in suffrages and control; you will be able and have as much control being part of the family and like a father-in-law [removed] figure for me (Stephanie) but with the relief off your feet of an inauguration you will be able to get everything done with expedience and the grace behind you will live a successful and successive life to William and Kate in the noble rise of their house that will reward you a thousand fold to the life you would have as a king of state!


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  1. Well that cause as Stephanie Rose Cipher, I didn’t make it to the photo family finish cause the Dweeb with Harry convulsed all linear consciousness and applied space time, a few times. But I do know who does Ebony from Number One at the address I am, who is multifacet OO and food representation is a chocolate brownie, which I know vanishes in her presence at this address as I have tested and also to Harry makes a pair in the bake off the girls are hosting..

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