Chips & Gravy Baby (Undead Cyborgs indicated through self consumption rites)

Do you have a problem making Chips & Gravy, like the supermarket not having gravox or gravy or the potato’s, carrots, pumpkins or taro going missing to make chips, you burn the gravy or the chips every time; the takeout has run out of the ingredients too you exclusively.

Then you have intrinsic investments into cyborgism and the animated walking undead, that families like mine which you would called the living dead, which are not biological but naturally formed biomechanoid a firmication in the tense’s you use for a former; called cybosity that this kind of thing has interfered with our breeding cycles for eons.


One thought on “Chips & Gravy Baby (Undead Cyborgs indicated through self consumption rites)

  1. There you go missy more than a sproket angle cipherhouse, we with poots zobier and the family and a skeletron krew that will be trained on the finer art of deep space travel will be leaving in new car smell; brand spanking new star ship through that bad lands in subspace nothing has ever traversed cause the ship builders would like us to meet some people our kin that live in the center of it…


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