Epiphany of pain will be your chain mail spell to experience

Johnathan Franklin (DJ Zeitgeist) a gabba DJ currently is in an induced coma, see the result of being screamed at in perfectly stupidity has closed the gateways too the afterlife except for the ferry master which is why Peter munych ask me via his partner too call home before he died cause you have too know someone like myself that exists in realms of death and life at the same time too get escorted too the ferry master.

Keiye (John Franklin) is experiencing an epiphany of pain where ever nerve ending is registering extreme pain of life forces zeroing out and ceasing to exist having no passwage in my feet or my families feet, this will be like a chainmail pain that will start with on individual and then when John dies in his induced coma will then be his audience and the doctors offering him assistances all the way back step by step to kirrilly djzietgiest on YouTube.. Where all they will experience is pain beyond death of a thousand cuts but an epiphany..

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