2016 Executive Head Hunter Listing

These people I have isolated in the industry as highly motivated workers, that don’t mind the stress of a high paid job; this is for a recruitment hit list on head hunting for any ISP, Telco, ITS Company or Engineering. You can contact them on the number provided the estimate is on the salary they are receiving and what it would take to get a move from them, this is the Sydney Listing:-

  • David Balnaves, +61408305733 – Network Support, Network engineering, Executive management ($175k+)
  • Igor Sumervic, +61422284506 – Database, Programming, Java, Executive management ($145k-175k+)
  • Martin Ohlson, +61404402048 – Support Department, Executive management ($120k-175k)

I will amend this list if there are any more I find honed for the head hunter hit list!