Entities Repository Services (ERS) Open API :: Uploads Completely 100%

How are you I hope this communication reaches you on a good day!! We have been developing an email mail list manager called ‘Entities’; this allows you to upload CSV in a range of packed archives which can also contain further packed archives that are opened and searched for *.csv… Once the CSV has been located as long as it is valid and has the field names in the top of the file, the columns are compared to mapped standards, otherwise you will recieve an email asking you to map the fields to the field types and value types.

Once the fields are mapped for a CSV Type you only have to do this once, we suggest you select the naming, and it if has categories then you will have to define the categories as well this is the second email you will get in the import scheduled cronjobs. You only have to do this once per batch; once it is imported, the API http://entities.labs.coop will provide the data based on a range of fields including category and keywords with a build-me-up that is when you specify categories it will only output those categories containing the keyword nodes.

This part isn’t completed but will be in the next 7 days. People in the entities listing will recieve an email every 5 months to check and update their details and will also be provided short cut link to out putting a CSV, as well as avatar options as well will be extended into a soon later details and also uses gravatar.com as well for commonality avatars!

Once there has been 10% – 20% changes in your listing you will be sent periodically an updated list; with verified pinged emails and details for the contact entity; this will only be excluded if they have set a view password’ that is a password which is required to view the contact, they will also be able to set an editing password as well so just anyone can’t just update details.

What I am writting to you is if you have any CSV Contact LIST you can upload to http://entities.labs.coop — the rest of the features like front of face and editing will be finished in the next 24 – 72 hours if there is a delay it will only be for a few more days! None of your list will be contacted until this master processes are all complete!

If you could archive your CSV and upload them selecting the countries they deal with approximately as well as your name and a contact email (This is not included in email lists); this will allow us to test it greatly, and if you could send me an email when you have completed the two steps with any comments on your usability and direction with the API..


Simon Antony Roberts