MDMA I Haven’t Taken in 11 years!

I haven’t taken MDMA in over a decade, I use it sparingly as in my own metric is billions of doses in the late 90’s; distributed all around Australia and some oversea’s. These where distributed by my house mate Craige McGregor at the time which means whenever I do it register’s the 90’s Industrial Metric for a re-calibration.

Partly also is my partner Elpiniki has an aversion to the sound ‘ecstasy‘ so if you wanted to introduce it to her; you would have to use the chemical composition name, her threatens too leave me if I use it; but it has been so long I don’t even know where to get these typal of drugs in the phenelynne range of chemicals.

Part of the reason why I haven’t taken it in over a decade is around 2001 I stopped taking drug’s completely until recently (2009) where every now and again I blow out the cob webs; as I don’t drink alcohol; one pint will send me to sleep or a glass of red wine will also make me pass out; I have never been a drinker so I don’t frequent the pub!

During this period I was completely straight edge; in rest and reconsecration of my mind and computing skills; going to University to do my Masters in Library Science which was to entail remove me from the lecture halls and place me in the stream of contextualisation.

I would love some MDMA or any sort of supple drug experience with the people I met in the 90’s I have been a home body for most of this period with my head in books and reading texts online. All I have managed to come by is a some really pungent marijuana and some reasonably okay amphetamines; that is the only thing and I don’t do opiates so that is all I have been able to resource through the neighborhood.

I need to do this to establish the next metric with “Ethnobotanical Search” indexes’ (indices) this is because the last time I took MDMA was with Karen Leane Des; who was working as an escort at the time; and is is a complete trash-bag so I would like some quality of mind and company for any higher experiences of the population and myself inclusive.. I don’t really go for loud music or clubs; just prefer scrum meetings on drugs; makes them in-fluidity and seeker-more.