What sort of music do I listen to at home or on the move?

When I am at home normally the IDM, Tronic or Ambient channel of http://hbr1.com is on the desktop computer (I have a couple of voice-over radio identity tags I made for this channel; I know franco fungi quite well); if I feel like something different I will switch to http://digitalgunfire.com an EBM which is the parent of music you see featured on HBR1; otherwise I will go to http://shoutcast.com and put on some genre if I feel like it; when I was a young boy only the age of 13 I passed 7th Grade Technical Theory at the Con of Music and Arts ~ Sydney (Filed: A. Roberts).

Which is teaching grade in technical composition and motions of music; the effects are the lessons… So I keep a small amount of MP3 in my collection my category of 32k files is as follows:-

Screenshot from 2015-11-18 17-07-11

Some of the music is from Rebecca Seymore; who need to come and pick them up from time to time mainly the Metal, NuMetal and Alternative & Rock; the largest section I have that I compiled is the Rap, Hip-hop, Trip-hop section which is music I took and acquired taste for while living in 4 McCourt St, Wiley Park in 2003/4.

For listening to music on my computer I my definable choice is http://subsonic.org ~ it was still a bit sick with the new 5.x version last time I attempted to install it but i am sure Sides [norway] will get get it working again; it is great I bought a licence for $5 USD which is still valid and it will stream my music at home to a username and password also other people if you set them up an account live from the home to your android, iOS or mobile computing platform with a really small client application — look for the yellow submarine!