Too Choosing Sides

IF I had to choose sides and over mutiny on a star ships I do; in family ultimately I would side with my twin sister Oopty (Pooty). We have been through so much together even before taking charge of “Getting Fired Upon” and her support vessels; which are lying dead in the water orbiting saturn at the moment which is 52 times the size of earth.

We have a new vessel which is smaller and more expedient; which in answering an age old question about the transposition values of space and travelling through it and first teaching droids like starship architecture so in doing so in first principle of music allow the native correlation of transposition now have a vessel which is one of the builders own we have some uncharted regions at some point to explore for the first time-in-awhile like the bad lands of uriuasisu.

We have abandoned the ship and crew of “Getting Fired Upon” like potentially some off spring; which are now earths complementary supporters of having to deal with a population of a starship and support vessels bigger than the planet they are situated on which means we will soon be shredding the keys for them making the technology inoperable or reverse engineerable this is the earths responsibility for inciting mutiny, we want no part of of a complement of crew that after eon’s together of travel show they had no respect for their captains at the start of their journeys.



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