What is a shade? As in Slim Shady!

A shade is a physicality that takes on representation of a or more than one individual; it is complete manifesto and holds no bearing on the enreal world. It cannot handle enreal money burning it’s flesh to touch and is much like the undead something that has no soul.

It is a system of manifesto that takes on representation and manipulates the course of history too outlay or self sustain. When dealing with a shade and a large proportion of the world population is this at the moment steaming from the counterfeit Australian Dollar intermixing with world currencies since Simon Antony Roberts provided the branding securrency as well as the polymer note templates and coin stamps; which was modified by the then John Howard government to counterfeit the currency stamp. These where provided in Autodesk plans at a 735Mb email in the then day.

When dealing with a shade remember it is only a collocate of the same manifesto mind; normally a tortured to death child and it doesn’t matter which ear it would be spoken to with or blind eyes it reads with it is all the same manifesto not any composite of the individual as such a gelatinous information blob being studied online and believe me the internet in it core functions is designed to do this.