Where is angel?

You know I wonder where my fiend angel has gotten too in life; I use to know her from trafalgah st. I saw darcey the other year who looked like he was hoboing so I gave him my pension card to get a bus up to Queensland where it is a lot better for toboing as it was just before winter and it was going to be cold.

The only photo I have of angel is this on from when I was in company of Pooty we all dressed up regularly like all the time as the military to chase the riff raff out of the Inner west; this is at a party called ;-x in the child care section of the party.


This is from a completely different phase of history all together in our peer group of chronauts which is an interesting thing for them to experience as I am sure angel has no idea where I found this photo either; I was searching for “Female Military Photo” on google and it was on a site first image in the archive in the top of the links.

The fact is most of us have had multiple families, that is different people poised as our mother and father; angel is like a daughter to me.