What my military passport M8747409 outlines

My passport outlines I am the main founder of the Internet; it is a military passport even though I have never received any pay or entitlements; if you think you do a good thing in the IT Industry you don’t your a malignant fool and a zealot…

I have nothing to show for my implementations on comp.protocol from the 1980s and there is nothing in my bank account; this passport will never have a stamp in it; I live in government housing and live on 245 AUD a week; I have no chance being or having a holiday to any other country and no ability to really even feed myself I live off charities.

In fact if your from the IT industry that is a close source industry your nothing but a shade of the person you once were; you have no life force and your ability to defend anything apart from your zealotry and rape of my fiscal position is shown. Vint Cerf and his fools are nothing but rapest of a child, myself.

To Me Australian Defence VC standard means Very Callious. In fact the eunos of the Military is dead to me, they left me down, and out didn’t defend my position and initially left me for dead; they never paid for my services in cryptology nor renumerated me for the tariff their use of the internet at my door; marched the enemy at my feet and didn’t provide backup. In fact they are dead to me like the respect they have never shown I have no respect for the Australian Defence nor the country of their origin, should I organise an invading force of extraterrestrial then their heads on the steak of parliament house will only bring a grimace of smile to my face for the suffering and belligerence and disrespect, it is clear from my code libraries online i do not suffer from schizophrenia this is just a badge they have generated to define a curse of disregard to me.