Instantaneous Gratification

Instantaneous Gratification is something people demand, when they want to reward you with the gifts they think you need, not what you asked for an example of this; is it is my apparent birthday on the 8th of December; I haven’t seen my bonafide parents in over 2 years since doing a DNA Swab test with Chantel who came back on the Douglas Pathology tests as my identical twin.

Pooty’s birth date which falls almost 6 months before mine is an example of the 1970s and 1980s stolen white generation where they would separate from single mothers their children, problem is mine is without adoption papers; it has been done like Jan + Gus Almgren where they dress it up like your own child.

I asked for the simplest thing which was to have my and my wife equipment out of the hock shop; we even paid all the interest on the items; and have a picnic at home; they instead need to say it not my birthday and they don’t give a fuck about my needs instead need instantaneous gratification in making the decision about what is done on my birthday. Well to them I say forget it; I am doing fine better in fact without any father interferences.