Violent Dissemination

Noticeably NSW Health spired on by Neill + Annette Roberts are completely delusional, they seem to think I am violent and dangerous, when they lock me up cause I am doing an insurance claim for 4 days then get discharged they put me in a locked ward for violent people; can I point out of all my pubbing and clubbing and going around town interacting with people this is my current charge sheet:-

NSW Police Report - Simon Antony Roberts

I only have one charge in NSW!! and the closes thing to being violent I have is nuisance being a lawbreaking, if there was any truth to me being violent there you have it; I am not; any violent apprehension are always warranted to report and charges; in fact too give you and idea of the dissemination against me currently in my file they are reporting I have epileptic seizures; but for some reason there hasn’t been a single call from my Wife to triple zero in the 8 years of our relationship cause I have collapsed and on the ground shaking in an epileptic seizures… Not a single report and not a single charge for violent behaviour.

Well there would be a charge if Neill + Annette Roberts could spell my name this one; where neill being push out the door got a tiny tiny minuscule bruise on one of his leg; where they where hysterical cause I refuse to call them as an adult by pets`ie names like Mum + Dad; to the point where they needed a court case over a none existent injury, here read his completely contrived witness statement you can find the complete documentation on Chronolabs Sourceforge Subversion, anyway — notice how he is unable to spell my name in reporting to the police, and look at the police injury photograph can you see any injury there at all, even in the slightest at all in anyway!