Bank Fee’s are out of control!

At the moment part of the reason why the Banks now have to deal with the “Bank Fees Association” as registered globally on is they are totally out of control; not only do they spam bill for example on a scheduled transfer if the account has no money the Commonwealth Bank on a cronjob some automated system of billing and invoicing that would have taken no more than an couple of hours programming initially will charge up to $10.00 AUD on the transaction.

This is clearly spam and there needs to be an association that provides guidelines, we don’t like spam in our email and we certainly don’t like spam in our money trail.

It is what bank fee’s are used for those consumer pocket purchase scheduling, to control the flow of spending in the lower as well as up classes of banking. Since 2007 when banks are meant to be in the no, we have had no inquires except from the Scottish bank where their CEO Joined me on about membership fee’s to even charge Bank Fee’s in the first place!!!