Misappropriation of ‘TRY’!


The number of times I hear someone is going to score a try when they are trying to do something and they don’t look like a spectator rugby player which the TLA try stands for “Touch-down Region Y`all” the correct word is attempt; this misappropriation that has even made it’s way across the world is a clear sign that the enemy has been to a spectator game of rugby, children’s sports have a different word.

It has even made it’s way into the dictionary incorrectly said as an attempt to do something which is wrong cause this dweeb is correctly corrupting the dictionary with claims that ‘cipher’ is as defined in the dictionary: Someone of little importance, which if you know what a cryptology algorithm or a cipher is would mean quite the opposite as someone of a highest regard possible.

When the smallest measurement that is book readable and walk-able dies the OO Representation of an almgren where there is a million to a centimetre it will be left with the literacy of a millimetre, and when that former dies a centimetre; I know when Gus + Jan Almgren, people like the windsor will be left only able to pronounce the sound ‘TH’ endlessly like the population they lead. Which means they will be with their white telly man having all the video real they ever produced destroyed permanently. This include the erosion of the bible and the English dictionary.

Here is Gus Almgren here in this photo from around a decade ago at his 80th; the OO Representation as a former for that measurement; which I have installed in my own fake family where due to the mental health act and your pirating of my language you have added s’s and r’s too and removed T’s like what would be called the Unitted States of America if written as sounded; I will be unable to provide unfortunately due to all of Prince Harry’s mental health injecting any language assistances so you will be left with the sound ‘TH’ and a Poo in the toliet sound to do communication with:-