Reclaim The Streets ~ 12th Dec 2015

I will be going to this event on facebook ::

The details of themselfs area:-

This free multi-stage mobile protest festival meets at Camperdown
Memorial Park in Newtown at 2pm and leaves soon after.

It’s not fair to be locked out of your city by excessive
rents and curfews.

The city is not just an investment portfolio for the super
rich, it’s our home too.

This is about who decides what a liveable city is.

Don’t let property developers, bankers and toll operators
buy that right away from you.

Would you rather a park or a car park?

A casino or a dance floor?

Transport or congestion?

Apartments or a museum?

Public schools or gated estates?

A community or a ghost town?

Come dance December 12 for a liveable city for all.

There ain’t no war but the class war.
Ain’t no party like RECLAIM THE STREETS!

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