A Bit more about @OpenRend for @realDonaldTrump

The government is dead, it has been dead for over 2 decades, it doesn’t do anything; it is impossible to haven an “Open Government” it is the nature of the word and world of government being a closed door for self-service types of people. Renderments is a softer and not the magic harry potter wand to solutions too government roles.

The Idea about OpenRend is to firstly change the .gov to .rend, the four letter typal domain support transposition into all languages as ‘rend’ unlike ‘gov’ for an interstellar scope as well as the primary role is to drop all the .gov clerical staff for the following processes.

You install a mainframe into each department and solidify the functions of the department via a simplified REST API similar to X-REST my application for API… You would also have someone like the NSA being able to issue, document, or information identity seals; for 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 as well as 30 years so the information is not accessable by the 3rd parties or sealed by them.

You use a decentralised structure for OpenRend, cause what the departments become is a small staffing environment unless there is public face, but even when this is it opens up a new market of departmental providers that have authorisation to update the API as well as submit and represent the department for a loading based on the ex-employee salary + bonus for collecting the data.

This opens up a whole new 3rd and 4th tiers of industries that does all the front of face representation to the Renderments and the departments are simply a few nerds that maintain the API and IT Infrastructure as well as the support staff for their 3rd party providers.

This means the API will collect a much larger and diverse spread of data than currently capable for the scope of the department to injest without blow out of budgets; the 3rd parties get loading based on productivity and support usages as well as report on representation standards, with a poll to the client of theirs from the department about services standard, in case any need to be dropped.

The sentor’s that represent the department have an ‘Honourable’, ‘Dishonourable’, ‘Rehonoured’ signature on their name which is measure in the metric of the API performances, not specified themselves, some of these systems may run for awhile on ‘Dishonourable’ until for a couple of weeks to a month or two they stay on ‘Rehonoured’ to residing back to ‘Honourable’..

So that donald, is a bit more about OpenRend, I really need a place and infrasture to assist in the design of OpenRend, I really want the old centerlink building in marrickville as it is close to home. Please add me to your skype for any further information you need!

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