Did you buy a relocation exopolitical ticket?

During the late 90s around 1998; in my batch of tickets which were nanotech systems tagged DIPT doses which is the perfected version of LSD you were sold a 165 – 195 mg doses of DIPT; included in the mix for divination was Craig McGregor’s 8.9 million doses of MDMA; in the pallet there was 250k of Dream Times and 175k yin/yang tickets.

Should this planet make itself insignificant in the standard of high lighted births that have occurred here due to self-service types; it will be clear for a hyperspace bypass in a champagne supernova.

The 2455 on my own batch of the pallet are guaranteed to be relocated to a new home world, in fact my own where you will each inherit a 5 hectare property with large sprawling house, title and granted work; the others in the mix will be divinized in lots of various other home worlds; and everyone who missed out will just have put up with being cremated in a supernova of the sun.

This was done because under interstellar standards in the event of a “Natural Disaster Area!” if you’re in the area you have to assist and relocate some of the population within means of their provision through doing trade and that kind of bollocks which isn’t just standard services, it has to be through a gift; if you have ismaled yourself to a cremation then that is your problem, should have thought about that before assaulting a grace, which sits outside and above royalty as a noble that as an alien just happens to be able to look and test in every regard as you; with-in measure.

If you notice you will be unable to register domains containing the word ‘extraterrestrial‘ this is as with the internet you have to be outside the scope of the physical binding words to register it inward and upward, clearly if you do a whois on the following domains you will have a rude shock about the nature of my physical presence like my daughters and identical twin pooty:-

  • extraterrestrialslam.me.uk
  • extraterrestrialmail.com
  • extraterrestrialphysics.us
  • extraterrestrialslam.org
  • extraterrestrialembassy.com
  • extraterrestrialsex.com