Does anyone like the dweebs of the @BritishMonarchy

Just wondering if anyone even like the British Monarchy, they have counterfeited the Australian Currency which is evident as the foundation stones in Australia as noted on todays Breakfast news since what they have accessed back 150 years to say: Property of @Cipherhouse – Access Denied! which clearly we should have mine and my partner and my twins currency in the last 150 years.

Currently with the amount of apparent money they have stamped you can’t seem to get any services from them apart from Punce Charles Lip sinking the anthem and being given gifts, on 275 AUD substandard humanitarian supplement payment I manage to do philanthropy which is meant to be what I am normally ubber rich; if it wasn’t constantly embezzled by the commonwealth hitting my accounts at absolute maximum of the store values every wednesday.

Not only that we see no royal duties apart from a holiday in the sun in australia from what is not by stature of foundation is anything to do with the commonwealth; in fact where time is money we are the Chronowealth. We have treason dogs running the parliament and you know they are doing medical experiments on me for the last 15 years which will only make you more mortal to the point of not being able to conceive.