2016 Epoch of Gregorian Calendar in 2 days!

The Roman Catholic Gregorian calendar will reach another epoch in the year 2016 in the 2nd 22nd Century in 2 days; the calendar ends on the 31st of the month of December; this is a calendar that even though it is a religious annotation and inaccurate and a none precision calendar is widely used in the printing and time codex of the population of earth.

I suggest you prepare for this one; there is a couple of things you will need to do; you will need an RSS Reader App on your android or iPhone or tablet; that is set to allow you to drop time news-feed tickets from http://time.snails.email/Australia/Sydney (The timezone is set to PHP set_time_zone() standards ~ you will be able to get these off www.php.net ~ remember if you don’t set the time-zone then it is random times of tomorrow!)…

The other thing you will have to do to make sure your in-line with the centroidal plexus of Chronolabs is set the router at home and work to use the time service (NTP) of like this example in the BobLite IINet Cisco Counterfeit in the “Moderm time settings”:~

Screenshot from 2015-12-29 13-18-02 router:-