Childhood poem about symbiont life

Little Ms. Muppet, sat on a Tupper (toilet) eating her curds (poo) and way (wee) along came a spider (symbiont) that jump right inside her the rest is turelliea!!

This is an ancient poem that isn’t unique to earth it is found anywhere there is a species with a real appendix ( this is a unique part of the host where the symbiont enters the body attaches and also excrete’s faeces, it contains a first bite meal which is the enzymes basis of the host and cursor instructions ).

Don’t worry is you have had an appendicectumy as the unique part of this body is diversions and will come back in the effect of two timelines adjoining to fill the appendix to a person as two individuals.

A Tupper is a toilet that has a water basim for the symbiont to wait in before they host join, it also has a treated form of rose quartz that is a beacon from the sewers there is one from the 1920’s at my mate water Cahill in Enmore near one of the Invader tallest standard stickers across from the pub.