Making money with music/media & the internet!

I know a lot of artist are wondering about this how to make money with music and the arts with the internet with such piracy like warez and torrents around, and as the main internet founder I am going to answer this one burning question for you straight of the bat.

You make money from add-on sales, how this is done is your album or song you release as creative commons (cc) which means you can store the download under the creative commons licence on or — I would recommend sourceforge though cause you can have a git or SVN on there that is private as an off site backup of all your samples and audio loops etc.

You then go to china, and order printed USB Flash keys you will only need 1GB for an album that also contains a file called LICENCE that has the creative commons licence on it, with your audio files, these are for direct distribution, you know at a concert everyone gets a copy of the new album, you then place links on the USB to your online for example site both listed in a windows *.url file as well as the README file as well as FILES.DIZ file.

You can also make a track that is an audio advertisement for you in buy my t-shirt support place and play, you can still collect royalties for radio and major media play but the true way of making money in any retail environment is add-on sales, ask any retailer about this they will put down the hammer and tell you that is on the spot.

Not only does this also give you a wider birth of distribution your immersion and take-up of a new album in retrospective to album closed licence sales is millions and billions to only having 1 listener.

This is very similar view to punk rock like the southern records distribution that was at cost like albums for 45p of the Crass which we all know because of this.

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One thought on “Making money with music/media & the internet!

  1. You make more money and less cost from sales of t-shirts and paraphernalia than you do with printing CD’s or DVD’s or BoxSets which only end up on the torrent lists anyway, the profit on a t-shirt or other accessories is higher and if you challenge the view with some encoded discount code on each USB Key, then they will certainly at least buy one product!!

    It is very simple in the manufacturing of the USB Keys which larger can also contain video as well and interviews etc… You get the printer which of course can be the case as well which works out on large orders sometimes a thousand of a cent per key; to encode several discount codes for your online shop like 10%, 2 4 1 etc. and in the delivery from them you will receive a text file or CSV that contain the bin of all the discount codes you import into your shop, don’t bother limiting them one per sale means more money over time.

    You can also get the USB Key manufactured so they are locked!! this means the data can’t be removed or changed on them. The discounts you can put in a file like DISCOUNTS with links to the shop, they are unique per USB Key…


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