Font API Version 2.1.9 — Release Archives/Packs

Font API Version 2.1.9

Release Archives/Packs

Here at Chronolabs Cooperative (wishcraft) we have been working on a new version 2.x of the Font’s API which is in release of version 2.1.x. This is without the unison cloud peering system, which will be additional in version 2.2.x coming out in a month or two.

The new font API you can see operating at which is a complete Debian/Ubuntu solution. To Install there is quite a bit of configuration and you will have to be able to read the code as well as: apt-get install fontforge zip unzip bzip 7zip rar — and so on with the systems required to be installed as well as in some of the cronjobs you will require user permissions to be set with chown and chmod calls.

You can download the font API version 2.1.9 from sourceforge here:

In version 2.2.x we will be including a peer-to-peer cloud font sharing system without reproduction, as well as glyph output previews and be rounding of any callback and other options involved in the peer-2-peer font cloud sharing solution with a peering identify checksum!

This is the final revision for minor revision of 2.1!