Business Opportunities – Chronolabs Cooperative


Welcome to the founder and principle of the Chronolabs Cooperative any general purpose blog, we have been operating in and around sydney since June 2006. We are finally at a stage where we are seeking not only investment and buy into to our cooperative but have on offer for you to exclusively expand into your country.

You will require some type of hop point for your domain which for business presence is always country code, nearest flight code, we will be making the root domain randomly direct to the series of these domains like which is the founding location and just contain a forum that will retweet itself as well as basic business information like publication.

We are an open business which means most of if not all documenting ends up on our primary SVN (Which needs to be sorted into country basis further from the root) which means as an open business to the data we pertain becomes declared.

If you would like to expand into Chronolabs, you will need to register the business in your country to start with, if you can put the founder in a none executive director in your business on the business otherwise agreement is fine and then also get in contact with or on skype (antony.cipher) to arrange your A Records, AAAA Records, CName and/or MX Record for the business also where the catch all is meant to direct to on your email plain.

There may be a buying in fee to personify and weigh the levy of the Chronautical and Chronologistic systems in place, and it does provide great payback. Remember display on external network extraterrestrially off the internet on primordial and different networks as it has transpositional systems which coversely and dynamicallly will translate the codec of HTML and other document standards to the external resource so things like data services we suggest you operate on a close referee basis so you get no games.