Forum takeup and wider web usages!!

Recently in talking to Alan Salt the web official from the hemp embassy who was concerned that none of the users were using the forums in the new; it came apparent that Alan forgets most people are still very new to Internet and never used BBS Systems or places like UseNet that predated the internet.

See most people and especially youth have only just discovered blogging, micro-blogs like twitter or service like Facebook. They still haven’t discovered being a threadnaut in forum and gated communities. In may ways we are probably a number of years off the Facebook community’s even typing anything but for their communication usage or even search Google or Bing for a tropical magick festivities of basically opening, participating or getting into heated arguments on forum threads.

This will be eventually available too the broader community as it is now when they discover the joys of being a threadnaut and threading disclosure + discussing topics that the often unknown sysops offer on their site, currently most of the content people browse of forum threads is technology reference and help digests…