Self Consumption Rites + the Bank!


If you weren’t aware of this some people live in an OO Magickal sense of the world, referred to here on earth by being by form normally. This means they have an objectivity and physical representation of a plant, animal, thing or even a place at times.

Myself and my twin Oopty is multifaceted like our family and spawn, myself and my twins has a food product at least in OO Representation being the living representation of a type of candy called Toffee; what this means is we can physically see or eat any type of toffee which is why either a small amount of vinegar or other product is mix with this basic recipe of sugar and water which with vinegar isn’t toffee it is something called sour brittle as when you put a lot more vinegar in it it becomes sour and brittle.

If we should say self consume in any way then we would begin to age or immediately cease to exist through all axis of time, this is true of any basis of further representation down the lineage of family and friends.

You know in assigning OO Representation I don’t think I will ever run out food recipes at the Doof parties when this transformation comes up might even get your ID Card slapped with the recipe name in reverse; for the master chief to help someone marry/pair/bind/bond with their favorite dish…

Of when by form you have intrinsic representation and also earn payback from the sale or external consumption of a dish a further family member like a child is often a variegate like mine and Elpiniki Iosif daughter Angle who is Pulling Taffe; which we found out recently which is similar to toffee but involves a meat hook, gloves and constant needing and pulling once you make the toffee to give it cloud technology and a milky look rather than a clear glace.

There is often one or two planets in every galaxy where a unique re-occur group of species exist with they’ll backward money methods and normally a pointed ear like a Vulcan or a Elven that have this OO Representation for all basis of motion in the galaxy they are from; this is what hold the intrinsic values of evolution and keeps the whole system move at a generalized simultyped rate.

An Invader is the core primary representation of these species of this system of renderments in the greater systems of life the universe and everything; which is held by their Nobel which is the basis of measure for all the form around it referred to as their tallest!

With money it is all holding intrinsic value and more or less a chain or tagging system of the individual; that on earning and deposit as well as expenditure hold key to the survival of that product or multifaceted representation of similar items exasperated by that intrinsic envaluement of an enliving and enreal balanced worlds.

When you deposit money say on a fiscal ledger like what you call a bank, the ability to self consume even for species that hold no metaphysical representation to objectivity will find it normally unless a shade or not enreal representation a counterfeit if you like life form any ability to self consume; any by form assisting self consumption only leads to certain death and a easement in the before and now of existence for the individual or family typals.

So say you use a bank; something like it and your definitely going up-in-smoke at some point regardless unless you do trade with the tallest in your area at the time; like some form of instantaneous combustion like the up-in-smoke fiscal system.

Say you drop into a convenience store or tobacconist use a bank for fiscal tangible earnings and they have bank tobacco then you are and have fallen into the suicide of self consumption.


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  1. Notice how on the archived (cc) photo it is spelt on the warning label “Quitting” sounds -Ting like Unitted as in Unitted States of America or Unitted Nations that sounds -Ted… not what is an old nautical scare tactile response of making your mapping with a screaming hack say you have lots or preparing lots of unit’s as in a garrison being United..


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