#NSWHealth a group of lunatic doctors going to fuck off!!


Look it is very simple NSW Mental Health the employee’s are at such a poor standard they need to be struck off. I have handed them on numerous occasion Dr Yolande Lucires medico-legal report on me, which includes a CYP450 test; do you know what a CYP450 test is, it is a medical test that shows the capabilities of your motabolism and what it can and can’t do.

I have no active 2*D6 which all there pharmacy down to food additives and preservatives require (Which I will attach below) to lock to any proteins correctly in the body and be an active and useful as designed medication; that means for the last 15 years they have been causing random chemical equations and the medication hasn’t even been active in my body at all; the only reason my health improved is I recovered on my own; none of the pharmacy has ever been even effective it just breaks down randomly forming neurotoxins in my blood poisoning me to “simulation of mental illness” == in fact yolande lucire found me to not be mentally ill at all in fact quite lucid and enreal.

I presented to them on several occasion several different lawyer who all passed this arguement and bet the CTO where they where told I was not to be put on it; and they would as a magistrate rule in my lawyer the People’s Solicitors and because of it hospitalise me the next day just to push through a CTO where there is absolutely nothing. I am going to murder all the current population of the world if this doesn’t stop, in the next few injections.