Using Physical Routing rather than networking & the internet

Header to set for physical mechanism routing off world + outlands + wiers

There is a TCP header you have to set for the none terrestrial via the road and physics routing, which is the following, earth is operating on a development closed network where this HTTP Header for the networking is set to stop any external traffic, you need to set it; remember the general rules of the meter-maid, which is you only see the traffic in the gravity well your in, that is any external to the solar system is not visible unless you view your statistics from open space as a route and presence.

This is how it is done in .htaccess (normally mod_headers.c is on by default):-

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
       Header set Origin *
       Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

This can also be set by this method in PHP and similar languages but will not include flat data files unlike the .htaccess method which in your root public_html path does the entire folder structure:-

       header("Origin: *");
       header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");

Headers are in interesting thing some are for TCP some are for IP and other for all sorts of functions that are set on the IP packets.

Earth being part of the development cycle of the transgalatic internet operates on a closed circuit so people can have their experimental websites until they want to broadcast on all channels which this header being set this way does.


9 thoughts on “Using Physical Routing rather than networking & the internet

  1. What Vinton Cerf and Larry Page you didn’t with the external NPN have google, facebook, linked-in, twitter-internal; etc.. even outward facing.. with from any Origin: wildcard; accessing any Origin..

    That just turning up like that on the horizon, watch your load… Remember with Plug-in-play networking NPN, it is inward reflecting like mac addresses in the whole network.. your not wasn’t visible to any ‘external’ sources.. all like in the kit and cupboard..


  2. Ahh vint the packet filtering in the physical road (we need like .st .rd we need ++ .qos) sounds like industrial swishy, all this physical exchanging of data across the similar surrounding unfathomable… hitch hiking!!


  3. Like Neil from the “Young Ones!” :: Guys, guys, guys, your not actually fully online at all in anyway without that setting set throughout seems @realAlexJones media service load is up, but mustn’t be set yet on youtube…

    Vint, if anything explodes me and Oopty + Oocty fly away…


  4. Header set Origin *
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *
    Header set Access-Control-Deny-Origin !(.*?)$

    Will deny bans set in place external or something similar with wildcard regex… that secondary command with the Deny-Origin in it not sure if the $ is meant too be there but will attack the network from localised route points in a multipolygon random stab around and find external routes around ban into banned zones… in open and free tunnelling computer protocol…


    • Okey this is using netbios not ip address symaltyping but if you do:-

      Header set Origin (.*?)$
      Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin (.*?)$
      Header set Access-Control-Deny-Origin !(.*?)$

      Anything masking the network; like on a public ip as a ghost ip address from other networking; the invisible cursor is included for congruity access control. the $ all the end gets and pickups the carriage network invisible cursor on the internal netbios name…


  5. Security like that inward self consumption reflective network is within both OO magikcal sense of ourselves… security like ghosting is for the children…


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