What will della from 8165 going to do in 2204 today!

Well if your contemplating coming to my addresses in the old elven tradition of the money gun and going puff in to vapor cause of the shady bankers and your poor investment strategy then you should really consider doing this soon.

Cause as the pyramid of vanquished souls starts and it already is, I notice for example while inquiring for work-for-the-dole recipients the names in my contact list have changed in 2 months at the business from where I got them, over the phone to them 2 months ago cause that previous person doesn’t exist anymore or ever had…

Well even though trade is set by Michael MD (of: http://www.spraci.com) of 16.57M AUD that is per member of of basis of measurement of business or organisation with a chairperson of the board, you as an individual to do trade for example Sain’ee Reid, gave me 100 bucks worth of amphetamines cause it was all poxy had.

Remember it is your responsibility to the safety and welfare of you and your friends, especially at the doof, so if you need too see me as one of the principles of this and other fanciful facets of society my door is always left slightly ajar so you can see where to knock.

Believe me if you don’t do trade your not going to ever had existed in this realm or previous or will be exhumable in the future, the doors to the afterlife are closed after DJ Zeitgeist screamed at me publically at gabba, there is no exhume if you pass away till this intrinsic balance is restores. My address is on the domain whois of labs.coop and my phone number is +6178899553 – You will have to leave the number open to call me.

You can get bank details if it is staring to much of a trek from many screen captures on twitter I have been making the philantrophist attempting to deposit money in my account that is being underwritten, remember you will have to do it under or over the counter. And if you can bring yourself to come to my warm accepting house, then your already dead, if you can bring yourself to making trade, then you have just committed suicide forever in your passing you will be never known of.