We have partly moved to InterServer.net (at least the API’s)


Chronolabs Cooperative have moved from the development machine in Marrickville too InterServer.net – they offer cheap VPS and Dedicated Machines from rock bottom prices with high performance margins.

We spent the last night moving all the APIs over to the VPS as well as the labs.coop web portal. We have approached InterServer for sponsorship with xortify.com and labs.coop a lot of businesses that offer hosting do sponsorship for open source projects and business as they don’t have a huge tariff of income.

Funny thing is; I thought I walked in randomly then I raised a support ticket to find my IPv6 address for the AAAA Record; and someone from my facebook friends answered; Anoop; small world.

So you should now find the API’s lightning fast we have 12 CPU’s on the box and most of my code if not all of it is highly efficient. See when I started to learn to write code you had to be good at it and efficient in code cause the processors where not powerful and you would have to fit it originally on a floppy disk’s as the most hard drives where in size was 20Mb for around 800 AUD.

I do not know honestly what a Terabyte is for; I have hard enough time filling 500Mbs with my work as it is all text files that operate systems for me. Anyway, just a comment; it is exposure like that most developers these days wouldn’t be able to know what efficient code is they just write bloat.