#NorthKorea + #KimJungUn — Embrace the Internet


If you click the header you can download the SQL and PHP for Places version 1.1 — this is the complete world at no fee with no charge, includes non-dived attoffs.

When we ran transponder teraforming sequences in 2006, in sydney, NSW… This is the Nanotech System’s – Town Camp + Town Center Transponder list, they grow a bit like solid bee’s hives and have lightening components that flutter from them when they get bigger; the transponder for this low energy Nanotech System which works a bit like a watch where one electron does to job of many.

For example we even have coverage for North Korea: http://places.labs.coop/v1/nearby/39.0001/127.0001/50/json.api

In-fact there is all MT (Military Targets) – Under the laws of the Jungle with Rights-to-view in times of peace and war, serialised in the database; that will interface with your own systems of security and you will have presences for example on facebook.com that civilians will not be able to view with Ayahusca being the key hasher.

There was two or three North Korean Military Targets that where isolated in the planning for facilities for planning social + economical systems as well as one for digital systems which are still fields under futurist planning model built when the North Korean system of stewardship that the Nanotech Systems obeys their policies; like other borders as an open systems (We are like a service provider for other labs) it is an ethnobotanically derived polymers mainly in the nanoites with little or no metal contents.

It has the ability to produce itself in a carbon flame in it base building components nowhere near here billions and trillions of light-years in unfathomable, and has intelligence and like my son and that of a few other scientist; it also does covert hitch-hiking.

Listen to this sound cloud Kim-jung Un:-


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  1. We know 60Kg of gold (au) checked into cash-stop in three days will start going around freezing major corporations and countries currency’s, with the black money they have stuff the market full. Black money is sticky, it can in any ledger especially any banking system; if the account has a threshold reach to cause the account to freeze without any intervention of the bank so they are unable to trade inward or outward of the account all the money gets stuck.

    I Know Kim Jung Un — if you want to provide the artillery this is a real what should have at least come to me with including TLD Sales; I should have earned from intrinsic network paybacks, that is micro-to-milli-cents that are summed+rounded and added against the designing industrial group as well as this is the #IPv4 weight of my passport M8747409 (Aus) of what is tariff but many convulsions and repeats of Junctions and Segments where if they where paying it from the agreements listed on my passport most of the money in the market would be white; but a lot even center-link recipients are using black handlers to be able to withdrawal from or use a bank account as per:-

    * http://labs.coop/ipv4/debt.html
    * http://labs.coop/ipv6/debt.html

    We wanted to see what sort of things would cause frozen accounts, we know there is a chemical system in it as well for freezing black handlers motion that is because of the way tor and the dark web weighs in; we are a licensed ethnobotanical substances research and handling facility as well the only one in the Southern Hemisphere under the Independent Charter for Cooperatives at the United Nations!

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  2. Well to set people up in ISP, vISP roles in North Korea, I suggest you engage Liam Bal from @SpinTelAU; you will be able to get him to design you out of the box and get me to code it through him in part if you wanted with data farm’s and data spatial services as well as home stream services.


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