The Coming of Cardinal George Pell

This is a typical example of the catholic church who are mascot less cause of things like the coming of Cardinal George Pell and pedophilia, see this is the 2nd 22nd Century, where all the mascots of the late 21st which became the early 21st Century to now the 2nd 22nd Century where the magma pits of the earth where teraformed to resemble the planet in the late 21st century and every ritual of moving all the planets and wildlife as well as the population to here over winning the survey over who deserved the most convenience. All the mascots of the 21st Century all come tumbling out like emptying a queue ball bag; the good and the bad ones!

Jai (Jesus) just live’s in bondi; right now, quietly buried away from being the mascot of the bible, having quit anything bible related team, this was after he saw what the Catholics had done with his teaching and the amount of child abuse in their house, he quite having himself in the early 1980s crucified for a second time on Christ the Album distributed by Southern Record, “Before Christ” billions of year before his birth.

It just shows how spineless and gutless these figure heads are hiding in another country under medieval laws that have no bearing on the position they are in; that they are dependent on child pedophilia as a system of trade and using it as part of the black handler for moving their black embezzled money around.

This person has no honor, George Pell and clearly his own guilt in the subject is shown if he can’t face a microphone and a commission and all he has made himself look like is an actual child sex offender himself, you know those topic’s are only brought up with fellow criminals like in the past history of the score of discussions they deny then confirm.