Archaeology + Voodoo in the 2nd 22nd Century – Scary truth about grave digging!

Okey, you have just had the “Early 21st Century” so early it is back when the earth first solidified it was teraformed to represent the “Late 21st Century” – see on comp.protocol it was decide – life began on the Internet! You think transgalactic media company have fun what about communication protocol groups!

In the 2nd 22nd Century which is Right Now: it all came down to who needed the most convergence, I am still wondering with all the LCD and Digital Computing, some of this was previously horse and cart to some; why a petroleum tradition wheel base, could have been anything in instant convenience.

See none of those dinosaur bones through the “Early 21 Century” or beyond are actually there until you produce them with the Laws of the Jungle, Shamonics and Voodoo – Scary truth!