My daughter’s; son’s + family are my pride and joy!

117-lumpies-defence-imagesIt has taken my family at least myself and my Twin Oopty and unfathomable expanse of time I forget how long until my twins where born like Oopty one side of sired twins to be born. In this photo on the right is Angle/Angel the one of the two twins I pushed out, I am in the little hidey hole unit I raised her in only a few years ago to now, till we where separated by linear spatial convulsions. In my specie an Invader not a human we don’t normally self raise our children in the role I and my twin are in as Grace of our specie and primordially for most other species especially with the pointee ears; they are normally raised in self raising by their grand sibling in a loop in Chronographics so the seed of motion is instilled in till their little boots.

In this photo this is the start of Doofing, where soundly for my children up until seeing my passport M8747409 had no idea I really like Oopty now had a military role amongst other things. We organised for the children their own Uniforms for Doof Cadets, which if your a younger doofer you should also be doing printing your badges on as well as having military fatigues every day to chase the riff-raff out; this photo is in the child care area of a doof called simply 😡 (Smiley Kisses).

The boy in the photo is mark (From Marrickville with dreadlocks, my grandson, with the push bike and boarding house!) that my daughter adopted when it was noted his parents where having a ceasing to exist issue, with what that does with the transform I have interspecies, which I am the only one in my specie’s with this my twin Oopty (Pooty) does fit out; I do allocation in cybosity which is not quite biological we are also a machine and that linking between the machine world and biological and other things like it that allows both to co-exist in the same dimensional spatial together and be congruent. Anyway due to this transform which is normally one of the other Invader families in contingencies it means mark test as angel son now genetically and until her decided to marry just her’s, and also tests as mine and elpiniki’s grandson, how itty bitty is marks feet there.

Anyway from what you have seen on the carbon date stamping of my saliva my DOB is unknown like Oopty’s who her and I are always everywhere we go caught out by Carbon Date Stamping, which is not effectable through nanotech it is measuring radicals which are energy waves not microscopic particles where nanotechnology co-exists as; always counts completely to full extent of itself as a machine all the way negatively into the past anywhere we are. We have never managed even on our origin world been able to seed when we both where formed from our mothers possum. Cause even though mine and Oopty mothers have lesser than tanglable references they gave themselves to give us physical life and through it week for many eon’s sort family. First my only option for a mating sire a husband something happened to him and he cease to exist many fold’s of time ago before the Big Bang 3 or even 1.

That’s when in the endless testing for a female sire where when two women get each other pregnant thy both fall pregnant and have twins out of both vagina at the same time in sequenced birthing who always test as each other twin, Angel was raised in the middle of Elpiniki and her two twins (One is male Mike Stass – Zobier translates to Sparking in Klingon).. in the middle of attempting to transfer too earth which is a successful event now all the linear historical corridor started to convulsion in junctions and segments due to external to our family influences; but so my twins are successful I have married angels other mother who believe it or not are in the measure of that thing we have a DEST (Delta Establishment) are turning one like I am turning fifteen and Elpiniki and her two triplets turning six ears old and anyone else in our measure of DEST which is a complete cycle of multiversity, and other things nowhere between this Sunday at 0815 which is the only time in your life time you will be able to celebrate anything like a birthday for us…

Emma Quine, Angel and Alesha cousin is also turning one ear old as well as well as Oopty has a sire that works with her two in the Inner west called Walter Cahill; but being male and his turn to fall pregnant with Pooty do what I am doing now chucking a really poor Prof. Matt Roberts (MQ) as a guy, but he as a gal, which I am sure Pooty can get Walter into wanting a go of that fanny which is what that is called on a real gal… not a girls vagina. See men only produce one side of the bond pregnancy that just being male, it isn’t like girls and twins otherwise all gayby would be twins; like gus and his sister from Garnet St.

Anyway, my kids all met me and Emma at our pre-arrange round-de-vu so in navigating what has been a few short years of a lot of convulsive timelines, they make me so proud, can’t wait to see them or the adopted kids at all; which includes Kris (Peewee Herman) who is in Sydney at the moment choosing a mate looking Portuguese indigenous from Portuguese Apache in the USA to be Federal Reserve on the ID Card any of those women you have the choice of any Kris… Maybe not Moo… too much of a crack whore and ignores my calls. Just remember Kris your gmail unlocks the webmaster access on and your also turning one ear old like mark who grew up during convulsions.

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  1. Well if you want a party angel get in touch with Peter Strong from the Sneaky Sound System about getting some sunnybins to put on the lawn of 466 Illawarra Rd.. For saturday and/or sunday… You can have a day club there is a patch on the back part if you remember… I am sure the neighbour like I know with Peters Sunny Bins wont mind the quality of sound not being garbage or the look of it… Suprise me, you know I hate suprise’s unlike family and friends… Michael Dagn from might play as well…


  2. I know @SirPatStew + @johnDelancie the way it (the dweeb) attempt to raise like a smoke screen a fisard with the the early form of petroleum alcohol with the mouth and foot drinking diease and we are on about Stew’s Beef stews which is not from a cow Beef is from a type of ox called a buffalo and is game meat like kangaroo and you know you can get bacon from wombats which is the Australien version of a pig!

    Don’t worry Patrick you made the right choice your still a knight of mine and pooty court and we over rule and over state your services in the past…

    Well I guess bacon would be called Womcan from a wombat, someone would have eaten it but in this whole concession of history I have not had even one piece of beef stake, let alone a beef stew!! Not one beef steak, well I am sure one of those Indigenous would have had Womcan in there time in Australien soil, which those fellers which yeah the Fabric of Space Time (Mine and Oopty Particle physics thingo in OO Representation) is certainly indigenous to all form of life multiversity and otherwise, which there is no way to cross between them and we exist there and here at the same time, with the same brain like, eyes and ears maybe looking different… but if your a multi you will always be a multiversian…

    I still wonder why you channel the focus of my mind to here always, government corruption… doesn’t know it is already dead; in histories keep!


  3. @Google translator translates Klingon, the language code for full text based translation is ‘xx-klingon’ there is a machine code called ‘xx-hacker’ as well in the; don’t know why the klingon is not their that bit of code is design to transpose to most other alien tongues when machine read and the flag the three pointee symbol has provision to transpose to their federated flag…


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