There is Currently No Afterlife, No Reincarnation!

I was screamed at publicly and as myself and my twin are the main gatekeepers to the afterlife it has been closed since 2008 due to a public screaming that was sprung on myself and binded with Alesha who was meant to die that night from the Audio screaming gabba.

That means there is no re-incarnation and no afterlife and everything in this galaxy and down the footing of my travels anything die just hits a blank wall and their energy signature the life force the catholics call the soul simply zero’s out and ceases to exist. This is partly why some of the deity’s are walking the physical plan of existence, I saw God in Marrickville with a shaved bear trying to collect gold coins of catholics and christians for the ferry that is there with the watcher when the gates are closed, he even asked me.

As the necromancies of my OO with particle physics also existing in transport layer like this this raises concern for those that assumed they could underwrite myself the primary main designer and founder of the Internet; and place a collection on the money on re-incarnation your not going to have, where Vinton Jeremy Cerf like you can see on M8747409 my international passport; had permission as when I was simulating a small child to pretend to be me on the condition he would have the IP Stacks and TLD Stacks 50c per node paid up by 2008 – that is searchable on any register in any embassy for the public documents holds not a single piece of delivered ROI; to me personally in the slightlest I am living in a housing department unit to viral and bacteria time; picking up durry butts on the street for ciggies; and the food I have comes from an ailing mother-in-law, that is sick.

In fact I am glad this batch of the IT Industry will never exist again ever in the slightlest cause without trade or beneficiary I have all the I dotted and T cross to basically ignore your suffering your causality of suicide in permanency or your user/client base, as you are a sham, and dishonoured in the schemers of life. You hold not a single value to me and are a waste of the physical matter you inhabit; like your counterfiet cisco router and counterfiet that was my development box finished stolen off me at gun-point from 5 Garnet St, through SpinTel involvement clearly; like the whois on still reports on history, was originally owned my Simon Antony Roberts of 5 Garnet St; and the scale of the crime your linked-in to; even the police federally have a linked-in profile about being linked-in to crime syndicates, when i owned the house; least when you cease the matter being prosecuted I will be getting that back too…


10 thoughts on “There is Currently No Afterlife, No Reincarnation!

  1. Basically Gabba, is under self consumption for me an Pooty; we can’t actually hear the unsound system it is from; this was observed by Ben Dalhunty a Forensic Detective for the Australian Military — who at this party I was at he was investigating some murders at; he asked me what that hideous sound is; I said all I can hear is the ambient stage and the psytrance stage.. Can’t actually hear any hideous screaming, sorry mate.. This guy I went to Oakhill College with so I know he know that was straight up when I said it was under some form of self consumption and I probably wont be bothering with doof if there is a stage I can’t hear as it means they are all suicide.

    If you can hear Gabba – then you are already dead; as I am one of the primary found of doofing the page on if you go all the way back to the first revision I submitted in 1997 in Redfern codas warehouse around peter strong you will find it is by – wishcraft which is associated with my which i can recover at anytime and as a page was the first 10k in and the only encyclopaedia based dance movement or anything that mentions a DJ and you know something in the encyclopaedia like what that page said are not deletable cause of insert id number – the first 10k as well as some of the people minimal now cause of Gabba will live forever in the encyclopaedic reference and audit group; means the necromancies of my family being that we exist in all realm at the same time including the afterlife — ask Dr Dre after he went to the grave on dead mans walk; when it was looked at and presentable he was set up and the forensic data came exhumable the FBI allowed me to exhume him cause a few of us from Bladerunner use Still Dre as our little meet and greetz anthem and then as that was before 2008 started to sell headphones; Where in 2008 on the corner of the Princes Highway and turning off to Randwick that pub there the greek pub that host music with the sound of children being thrown into industrial meat processors and serial killer reels this Gabba, that aweful sound I got exposed to with Alesha ears in mine seeing they can as twins be expendable and are already well and truely on the way to self ceasing…

    So it looks like mine and elpiniki first born will be by another individual or family through — they have by the looks of it be unable to hit the door and they are well waste deep in the grave of perceptual suicide and ceasing for all time in existence; and quite on their own and for the lies and deceit we get in sound it is the lack of respect and basically people who bignote themselves and are sweet fucking nobody like Vinton Cerf or Angel, Alesha, Emma Quine, Keiye, Lance (Jester) — who have all suxited for all time sake like their whole movement under self consumption of the afterlife and death…


  2. And you know Angle you have the missing persons digest left for you for eternity I sighted you there that night with Jester and didn’t pay the $10 and just stayed in the casino of that pub.. And missing persons like Johnathon Franklin Keiye – who had a problem with an energy spike on the street…


  3. Basically if you think Gabba is tough it is the epiphany of complete hobo’s and destitution from life… You hold not place in the enreal enliving world hearing basically endless tortuous screams, it isn’t music but a cacophony of zealot’s and childish suicidal fools worshipping something they will like the spectator ever have reincarnation or a new life; or any fee’s or embezzled funds; it is the chalice of rape and paedophilia the true epiphany of these as a performance act.

    Because of it you have nothing left to exist for; you are cast adrift too the flotsam and jetsam of perceptual absence of conciousness on the physical or any other plane, you are nothing more them than you are enreal a shade fat or slim…

    Really if you want a scare lyrics are what moves people, like nuMetal or Metal, sweeping choice and direction and skilled artistry.. it is nothing but an associate assortment of critical mental health and suicidal tendencies; with that a garmented outcome regardless of anything done as far as I am aware, huh pooty… who couldn’t like peter work out where the sound was..


  4. So yeah not only was the internet a failed experiment with this population that provide sweet fuck all like none in ROI for internet like ie.; but the Doof was a failure as well murdering the only child I have ever given birth too who turns only One today.. like Elpiniki’s Alesha… so you call that ROI huh… murdering my only birthing rite; and my wife’s twin child of two DOB: Unknown – where the carbon date stamp machine goes to absolutely maximum negative then stopped printing out – error out of digits.

    So yeah you now understand why as a galactic movement – the beaty you will be dieing for this pleasure and all who share the light of their places ethered through telescopes..


    • You know myself and Elpiniki Iosif will never be able to give birth again in physical realms cause for such is the travesity, or my twin Oopty, where if you wonder Elpiniki Iosif is as sounded around me or Pooty – Only by form… Mike Stass has no immediate family, he murder them, like our twins and the associates and psychopaths involves with and for his BLC Technology will never escape the suffering I am going too inflict nor his associates…


  5. @zobier = Mike Stass Entire Murder of a galaxy with mapping BLC technology and all the power of that life he tainted in his own hands, I don’t think he realised like the target Bilanna Torres Twin sister + Bilanna I still have Bilanna memories and drive to never fatigue; but have ascended beyond the realms of conciousness; like my wife Elpiniki..


  6. Door off the hinge too you huh $angle… thats cause your brother Kris replaced the lock with a brassed off one, it is also cause I removed all the cable ties the town was tied-down with; which this whole sequence including the invention and design of the internet was tied down back in the 1980s etc.

    Well it isn’t ribbon for us and I don’t suggest you do with what can walk in to a tie down environment; shades and so on; but it is cable ties… I left the security door here on the inside, perhaps you need to come through the car park and the back stairs and not use the bus; just the train and walk — first you don’t succeed the mail box can take card and smokes… but won’t fit a pair of sneerers or sneakers… I am sure you might find the door using a manual method and loading your laptop with it is like a sister I have been working on for a solution to an age old problem of what I found how to do reload our core… It is an operating system like the filthy windows or smacintosh only a better more spacey performer with richer texture of sound and more powerful audio software for product than the other mention or video or publish and so on or what i do write software cause the parties are for dead-beats!


  7. I did remind Kris when he had me convert to wordpress then the android app convulsed and we where separated between here and there for an concession of history; that as the bush telegraph traditionally you have to carry the need tools to change a lock on a door in australia and on the spur of the moment dependable no matter how long it take to arrive Kris Herman Cipherhouse changes the lock from the brass one nobody can see at mitre-10 and they think are gold but are over 8 time more expensive than gold in today market went in the door… we are here, you just have no intrinsic value to turn the key…


  8. You know $angel have how you have always know you other mums name is sparc maybe you should go on twotter I mean twitter.. I have never know @sparcing to trash on before; and her is… still scare of MDMA tho, nobody is allowed that…


  9. Well just so you know Angel and Alesha – Lance (Jester) is Dweeb Elizabeth 2nd Court Jester; we have a ‘Gestures’ in pooty and mine not some funny man with a stupid hat that forgot to laugh and looking at the scowl on the stinky-pants family the winds-r-or they probably wont be laugh when this terms in an instance to; probably half way between wanting to hug me and punch me at the same time and probably hanging out bad from all the future meth the base in the 1990s that there are no chemical yet to make and if you put through a condenser crystalises and isn’t industrial heavy that makes everyone sick…


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