Geo-Fencing – The New Cold War in Data Communication!!

Looking at some of the stuff that is going into the standards in linux, they are poorly documented and a lot of people I know are sus on them; as they have poor documented man pages as well as not being very much online about this.

And when you go around and look at the people that are meant to be maintaining the standards in linux their pages are all wonky and not very contactable. I know I have a fiend Michael Dagn who run and you know he has not for a moment shut up about the standard, contacting the auditing group and the whole open standard beginning to slipping and not being able to find any data on the new libraries being installed and basically doesn’t trust it.

One of the new features you find in your box is GeoFencing which is like the walls government raise to keep a population out, it will stop communication between servers in different parts of the world, I have been making a hived peer system with the API as a way around this so if some part of off the GeoRouting the API will call that back to the API that can’t contact a server for example due to GeoFencing.

GeoFencing will become the new cold war in data communication and will seriously impair the open and free communication the internet offers.