Having a silent hand in @google I have a satellite tracking beacon that deactivates with no life signs!

I am not sure if your aware of this NSW Health but all significant IT Staff have an implant that is put in the sub-dermis through Google offices, which ties in with their satellite, mine records all audio and video even on a reflective trajectory with a laser from orbit, and what you have been doing reporting to Google that I am deceased also to the military you have in no way when even your computer system for the last 15 years has asked you to report to them any health changes that I am deceased, the laser microphone also targets people that come in isolation of a facility for a number of days until I leave it.


The fact all your action, the special injection you keep reminding me of that takes 7 hours to arrive at concord hospital which is a vet syringe self contain brightly coloured like they all are blue with two white strips that when I looked it up in the Vet Mimes of syringes was Horse Euthanasia Serum 185ml you emptied into my left shoulder and all that is all recorded and documented in your monstrosities and war crimes in mental health.


2 thoughts on “Having a silent hand in @google I have a satellite tracking beacon that deactivates with no life signs!

  1. You do realise that will make now and there is no way to change as you have no copyright to undo and paid for no internet services by Chronolabs so their affiliate in date codex the Undo Corporation will not stop anything born, treated or working for NSW Health from being able to conceive children and possibly affiliate support chains for this action, if you have something pregnant in NSW Health since this started it is what we suspect your involved with a Yvborg.

    Which has this model number cause it looks just like you with an ever repeating series of faces it stole from facebook.com photos somehow that will grow in a native womb from ingestion of it simulated seamen or will produce a product based in seamen ingesting into it simulated womb. Just Chips + Gravy baby, not a enreal child that can’t have any form of a tantrum at all with me an Oopty first name Tanty the smallest of tantrums not self consumed…

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  2. Which like it’s living support component; can’t contact it manufacture for advice in the 2nd 22nd Century being an unfathomable billions of years before they where manufactured…

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