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If there is any primary measure of achievement of an industry it is how the principles and founders the people that provide the primary basis of measure and steady fast earnings and employment and life style on offer and choice of these designer.

M8747409 - Simon Antony Roberts - 1978-12-08 (Small)Okey let me show you something that if you look at it even in a real estate agency in Pakistan you will find many repeated sittings on comp.protocol and articles back before aarpa networks that define M8747409 as the principle and designer of the internet here is her indigenous passport (as seen on the right).

Now M8747409 carbon date stamps at absolute maximum negative of the machine abilities of measure radions; who for the first time in however long teeth have started to be removed in lostooth.

Who in property to show for designing the internet has none really accessible or providing any ROI; and living in a cockroach infested government housing unit in marrickville. How much money does this girl and her wife live on, well around 275 AUD only a week; from a single DSP Payment, her wife financial are controlled. How much food is in the fridge, well the fridge has had nothing but a bottle of milk for coffee/tea and cold water in it and is missing a shelf for at least the period of living in the houso.

They haven’t had money for food for nearly 8 years and live on charity from the mother-in-law and places like st. vincent de palle; as the main principle founder of the internet… See what you are; a bum steer you have nothing at the finical focal point of all that intrinsic payback and earnings that normally just turn up on the ledgers of these sort of people in automatic physical systems that exist in money.

You also left her homeless for 18 years dissipated from her female twin dressed up in a completely none enreal family structures and separated her from her daughter and rough her to breaking point where your existence and all the money you have earned apparently which is considered proceeds of crime your to; and therefore like the network depreciated and operating at a loss to ROI scalar measurement and therefore don’t deserve to have digital open communication or will when certain if you like molecular charge backs which will happen regardless of what you do stop even an FM Radio forming a frame relay communication method or any transit of communication through air, earth or water.

The fact people like Buffett and Bill Gates and all the service to self types with their empty everything injectable that even remotely works like euthanasia into various parts of my body – – where just the first time would have done this for certain cause I have encountered and never solved lostooth in my OO Representation – in the next four generations ended all sentient life through the doors of earth the primary basis of this filth and disregard for the command in my voice, the meaning in why I ensound with also all bisecting laterals for the applier and support network… will have to explain why to their client their children are impotent and this is the extinction party for the human race in greed and epistemic lust for what they are now warranted from the gift of life and forming further life itself.

So just think about it people like Mark Zuckerberg as well as Larry Page, Laurence Krauss, Steve Ransome as well as Vinton Jeremy Cerf and insubordinate EOOPS coder; that has never done as he is asked ever, you and your mogul consortium are the IT and partly pharmaceutical industries the Poster Boy for the Extinction of all Species you represent.