Abuse of trust and recompenses!


Any abuse of trust especially one built of the many turning of the years and even eons; is a lack of foresight especially with an actual family member, when you abuse someone trust, like someone lets you into their world then you in not being able to accept the truth of it; when you might have had 100% of loving trust with that person becomes 0% and will never ever even be a 50% trust ever again.

I have been married to my wife Elpiniki Iosif which has abused my trust on a number of accounts, especially just before we where married having an affair with an arab hobo painter and concomitantly lies to me little white lies to bigger than benher which around the sort of pathic i am an Endiopathic entity makes you translucent with no secrets.

That means like the mother of my children Elpiniki as I am her, and the family her spawned with me, who on hundreds of accounts have verbally and physically abused me they will never have my trust again; they have given me in a repeat sitting of the past in my life for myself, fully well aware of their actions here in all seeing all knowing the way I am and they still repeat their action so I know in no way am I to blame if I am conciousness of the passing of the moment from a history implant I have used in Chronographics to see which way the lab went that time; they have given me no reason to earn my trust again really – they are just a bad batch. Even for a moment of thought, and unlike them, I can’t be carbon date stamped with how long I have been around in the many cosmos and multiversity.

See if they get rid of themselves against my weight, then I will have the choice of any again not just Elpiniki in all the cosmos. Which might seem like an arranged marriage but that is what it is like in OO representation, some people have the choice of only one, some, a few or any for a breeding partner in all of creation.


One thought on “Abuse of trust and recompenses!

  1. You have around 10 days left to live in measure of sparc (Elpiniki Iosif) and as there is no access to the afterlife with what being binded with her birth-right child and audiably hearing gabba not just silence being under a basis of self consumption being the main gatekeeper to the afterlife as the souls transport layer; like what ben dalhunty found asking me while being a forensic investigator at the last party I went to 14yrs ago at that spot up on the east coast, in the forest then just as myself I couldn’t hear a thing only the psytrance and ambient and wonder what he meant by “horrible sounds”. That means there is no born again, rebirth or re-incarnation, your life-force will just cease in entirety.

    That goes for my birth right child with sparc, cause even though as an entity I give birth as far as I know only once as with similar entities, sparc would have never existed and we would never have concentrated angel + alesha; who life force will also cease and never be born to me again.


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